We sold our kitchen with Used Kitchen Hub

By 6th May 2018News

How the Stevens family replaced their kitchen with the one of their dreams

Pam and Michael Stevens knew moving to a new house wasn’t possible, so instead they decided to get an extension built on to their home. They had a six-year-old kitchen which they loved but it wouldn’t work in the new space they had created. They visited some of their local kitchen showrooms about buying a new one, but the prices were outside of their budget.

The Stevens family assumed that their old kitchen would be ripped out and thrown away, that was until Pam spoke to her friend Amanda. She excitedly told Pam how she’d thought about selling her old kitchen but hadn’t known where to start — that was until she found Used Kitchen Hub, which had sold her kitchen for her, earning her enough money to upgrade all the appliances on her new one.

Used Kitchen Hub visited Pam and Michael, explained how they could help sell their kitchen on a commission-only basis, and then managed the whole process for them. From the initial visit, to finding a buyer and then organising the kitchen’s removal — the company did everything. Pam and Michael were delighted not just at the extra money but also that their old kitchen was going to be reused and saved from being thrown away as landfill.

Used Kitchen Hub staff have had the pleasure of helping many people like Pam and Michael earn great money from selling their old kitchens. Now, they’d love to do the same for you.

Did Pam and Michael find the kitchen of their dreams? Yes, at Used Kitchen Hub they found a stunning ex-display kitchen full of appliances. The original cost was more than three times their budget but was now on sale at such a hugely discounted price they could afford it.

So, whether you’re looking to sell your old kitchen or for the kitchen of your dreams, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Used Kitchen Hub is here to help you!