Used Kitchen Hub FAQ

Buying a used kitchen may seem daunting at first, but really its no differant from buying any used item! Lets try and answer some common questions…

We are allways happy to talk all things Kitchen! If you`d like to understand more about the process, or would like to talk about your specific requirements please dont hesistate to get in touch! 0203 002 0005

I found the kitchen I like, who is responsible for removing it?

Every scenario is different but in most cases as a guide the following usually takes place:

Ex Display kitchens are mostly removed by the showroom and are rarely dismantled or flat packed, ready to be collected by you. Our Used kitchens can vary with each location, and even though it is for the purchaser to arrange removal & collection in some scenarios the owners remove the kitchen ready for you to collect. All kitchens are rarely dismantled or Flat Packed, so please ensure you have a big van to transport them in.

How do I know if it’s going to fit?

All our kitchens are listed with images and a full description including measurements. With some forward thinking and planning, any kitchen can be reconfigured and tailored to fit in your home.

Is there any Warranty for my new kitchen or the Appliances?

Most of our Ex Display (new) kitchens will still have Warranties on the Units and Appliances. None of our Used kitchens / Appliances have Warranties with them, on the odd occasion a used appliance may have some time left on its original Warranty

Will the Kitchen be in good condition?

We are very selective on the kitchens we advertise, and all kitchens have been carefully surveyed by us before they are offered to you. All our kitchens are in excellent condition and have been cared for by their owners, however most of our Ex Display Kitchens are like new and are in pristine condition.

I want to have an Island but cannot find a kitchen with a suitable one?

By buying a kitchen with enough units, when reconfiguring simply allow for a few base units to be placed back to back in the space available. Then by adding a new work surface you have now created your own bespoke Island.

What other costs do I need to consider when buying my used kitchen?

Only when a kitchen is being reconfigured you may need to allow for re cutting or templating the work surface and possibly the kick boards. In most cases the extra costs are simply for transport and Installing.

How do I sell my kitchen?

Simply give us a call or make an enquiry. We will advertise and promote your kitchen free of charge and ensure it reaches the 1000’s of home owners looking for a more affordable kitchen without compromising on style, brand and quality.