Used Kitchen Hub Guide to Photographing your Kitchen

    • Please remember that it is worth making the extra effort with the pictures as this is what sells the kitchen.
    • Most of our kitchens sell without viewings, simply down to the pictures.
    • Any good smart phone will take the high definition pictures that we need.
    • Please take all the pictures as Landscape and only use Portrait if you need to.

Clutter Free, not Lived In

Clear all the Worktop surfaces & any towels or clutter hanging or sticking on doors before you start.

Clutter will distract from the natural features of your kitchen and will make the space appear smaller and smaller and more cramped.

Use Natural Light.

Pictures must be taken in daylight, do NOT turn the ceiling lights on. Open blinds to let more light in. Natural light is much more appealing than artificial light, and is better for producing accurate colours.

Take your photographs at the lightest time of day. If you have hidden lighting under the wall units then put these on. Do NOT use a flash.

A Complete Kitchen Shot.

We need a few pictures of the whole kitchen in one shot where possible. Buyers will like to see how the Kitchen works Try a few different angles to get the best you can. Trying taking pictures from a doorway, or the corner of the room, at chest height as well as a birds eye view, this will help buyers understand the scale of the units.

The Complete shots must be taken Landscape not Portrait

Pictures each Side/Run.

We break the kitchen down to sides. For example, Side 1 inc Hob / Side 2 inc Sink / Island etc.
We need pictures of EVERY side of the kitchen, with the doors closed and the same shot with the doors open.
Do not worry about your contents inside the cupboards, we just want to see what units & accessories are behind the doors.

Remember to do the same shots for every side of the kitchen.

Pictures of all Appliances 

Good clear pictures of each appliance, both outside and inside.

Include any accessories, handles, sinks & taps etc.

You can get creative her capturing those little details, it helps showing your kitchen at its best!


Worktops are important. Try to get a picture showing the whole worktop giving an idea of its size and scale.

A close-up of the worktops to show off the colour and texture is also really helpful.

Send us the Pics! 

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