Storage Tips For Smaller Kitchens

By 30th June 2019Kitchens
Kitchen Storage

There are lots of options to consider when arranging your storage in a compact kitchen.  You might need to be creative but there are many possibilities.  You need to make sure your kitchen worktop is clear so you have space to cook.

Firstly go through everything and clear the clutter.  If you haven’t used an item in 12 months then you probably don’t need it.  Get rid of duplicates and gadgets you simply don’t use.  Consider storing bulky kitchen items elsewhere (like the huge saucepan you get out once a year when the family all visit). 

Use the space on the top of your kitchen cabinets.  If you don’t want it to look cluttered you can buy some nice storage boxes or baskets to keep it tidy and organised.   You can also use the space above your fridge.  How about putting up some more kitchen cabinets if there is room or otherwise use the space for some shelves or hooks for pots and pans.

Add More Shelves To Your Cupboards

Look inside your cabinets and consider if you can add more shelves or move them up or down to get maximum use out of the space.  You can also buy inserts that stand on shelves and allow you to stack things higher or perhaps a wire plate stand so you can pile up your plates and still access them easily.

Another good idea for a small kitchen is to hang a pegboard or metal grid frame on the wall and hang utensils, pans and more.  You can make it look stylish and you still have everything to hand when you are cooking.

Is your kitchen furniture oversized for the space?  Would you be better with a smaller table and chairs or maybe swap the chairs for stools? 

A magnetic strip on the wall can be used as a knife rack or for other metallic tools and utensils.  It is an ideal way to keep them tidy and accessible.  Suction cups can be used on windows, cupboard doors and other smooth surfaces to give you more storage in your kitchen.

There are so many great gadgets and solutions for kitchen storage right now.  You might need to be clever but you can make your kitchen functional and stylish whatever the size.