Are you a landlord thinking about renovating and redecorating your property before you let it again?  Remember that tenants do not generally care about a property they are renting.  Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone that rents.

When you renovate and redecorate a property you should focus on making it practical and durable.  You don’t want to renovate between every tenancy so you need to make sure you do it right.  You might need to touch-up between tenants but it shouldn’t be a full renovation.

If you have already let your property, and the tenancy is coming to an end, you should ensure you have everything to hand ready to go as soon as they move out.  Every day the property is empty it is costing you money. 

You shouldn’t use just cheap and cheerful products when you are renovating.  This is a false economy.  Don’t go spending money for the sake of it but choose your products, paints, tiles, kitchen, bathroom etc carefully to make sure it will last.

You Won’t Be Living There

Remember you will not be living in the property and your taste does not matter.  If you add personal touches you might just put off a potential tenant.  Keep everything neutral so your tenants can add their own touches.

Any gas or plumbing work in a buy-to-let property must be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.  This is the law.

Have you considered using an ex-display or preloved kitchen instead of buying new?  We have a great selection of kitchens that can be re-configured to fit your space.  Our kitchens often include appliances such as ovens, hobs, dishwashers, microwaves etc.  This can also save you money.  Ex-display and used kitchens are great value.  You can often get a top-of-the-range luxury kitchen for a very low price.  Why not have a look at what we have to offer now  There is something for every taste and budget.