Traditional Kitchens

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Traditional Style Kitchens

Traditional Kitchen Design style is warm and classic, with elements of English and French taste. Traditional Kitchens are renowned for their classic design elements and architectural features. Traditional Kitchens also can have more emphasise on detail and ornamentation whilst the use of natural materials such as wood and stone are prominent.

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    Bespoke Handpainted Solid Wood Inframe Kitchen White & Light Grey with Marble Worktops and Appliances 21119529

    RRP: £50,000.00
    Our Price: £10,000.00
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    Beckermann German Traditional Olive Green Lacquered Kitchen with Verdi Granite Worktops & Hob 21119525

    RRP: £10,200.00
    Our Price: £2,800.00
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    Oak Veneer Shaker Kitchen Granite Worktops Plus Appliances 21119523

    RRP: £12,000.00
    Our Price: £2,000.00
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    Bespoke Handpainted Shaker Style Inframe Wood Kitchen, Grey Green, with Worktops & Appliances 21119508

    RRP: £20,000.00
    Our Price: £3,700.00
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    Nolte Kitchen, Frame Lacquer Deep Blue Matt Traditional, Quartz 20mm Double Chamfered Worktops 21119503

    RRP: £42,000.00
    Our Price: £16,000.00
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    Large Siematic Shaker Kitchen White Gloss, Lots of Appliances & Granite Worktops 1218498

    RRP: £40,000.00
    Our Price: £2,500.00
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    Traditional Shaker Style Alabaster White Painted Oak Doors Kitchen, Pilaster Columns, Granite Worktops, Breakfast Bar 918402 **SALE**

    RRP: £12,500.00
    Our Price: £5,600.00
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    Second Nature Ex Display Kitchen Vanbrugh Inframe Traditional Shaker, Silestone & 2 Ovens 818399 **SALE**

    RRP: £24,000.00
    Our Price: £7,000.00