Kitchen Styles – What’s Your Favourite?

Kitchen Styles

What style of kitchen is your favourite? Here we show you a variety of popular kitchen styles to choose from.

Country Kitchen

A country kitchen gives the impression of your own rural getaway. A big farmhouse table and different types of wood help to create a comfy, lived in kitchen. Country kitchens are often painted in a mix of colours and rarely match. You can use bright reds and yellows, blues and creams, whatever you want as long as it looks homely.

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Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens usually consist of frameless cabinets, strong horizontal lines and sleek and simple hardware. A modern kitchen is one of the most popular styles right now as it lets the natural beauty of materials be the focus.

In a modern kitchen clutter is kept to a minimum. There are normally large open spaces and bare work surfaces. Wood and stainless steel are often used in a modern kitchen design and both materials can work really well together.

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Rustic Kitchen

When we think of a rustic kitchen we usually imagine using lots of wood. Wood is natural and has a warm and friendly appearance. A rustic kitchen often includes exposed ceiling beams and hardwood floors. Wood cabinets and worktops also feature heavily. Lighting should be warm. As well as wood you can also incorporate stone and brick surfaces. A fireplace is often a main feature of a rustic kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalism is becoming more popular, although it started out in the 1950s. The idea is to give an impression of space by having clean lines and simple materials. Less is more in any minimalist kitchen. Have everything you need but nothing more. If you choose base and top cabinets with solid doors it will give it a sleek look.

You should choose a single monochromatic colour to keep it simple. If you really want to add some colour then do it sparingly.

Eclectic Kitchen

An eclectic kitchen is just a mix of all sorts of random elements. It can often become chaotic and cluttered but, if done properly, can be unique and really appealing. You need to be a rebel and make your kitchen exactly how you want it. Have a combination of styles – both rustic and modern mixed with a mishmash of colours works well.

Nordic Kitchen

A nordic kitchen is a mix of minimalist and rustic, with clean lines and natural materials. It is a practical and efficient kitchen and always has a fresh look. White is the main colour used which makes the kitchen look light and bright.

Feature lights work really well in a Scandinavian kitchen. You can include a whole load of pendant lights to make a focal piece. Wooden flooring is also a must with this style of kitchen. A few pieces of bright furniture, some patterned cushions or a rug and some contemporary wall art will finish off the look.

Industrial Kitchen

Think commercial restaurant kitchen rather than warm and cosy! To get the industrial look you will need to select a neutral colour such as black, white, grey or brown. Use open shelving instead of top cabinets. You can either use sleek cabinets for the base units or also use open shelving there too. Leave structures such as pipework, raw brick and metal beams exposed to give an industrial feel. You should also pick an overhead pot rack in stainless steel or cast iron.

The best flooring for an industrial kitchen is concrete. This can also be used for worktops and bare concrete on the walls also works well. A large chunk of wood for a worktop or table will finish off the look.

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