How Best to Look After Your Wooden Cabinets, Worktops and Flooring

Look After Your Wooden Cabinets, Worktops and Flooring

It’s amazing to see how much wood is present in most kitchens, especially as it isn’t generally that good with water!

Kitchen cabinets have a habit of attracting grime and grease from cooking. They need to be cleaned regularly in order to stay looking good.

You can clean most dirt and grease from wooden kitchen cabinets using soap and water ad a little scrubbing. It might be an idea to use an old toothbrush or small nail brush to get into all the nooks and crannies. When you have washed the wooden cabinets over you should dry them with a soft towel.

If your kitchen cupboards are still not clean then try using some baking soda. Wet a brush, dip it in the baking soda and then scrub the cabinets. Baking soda is non abrasive so is great for wooden cabinets.

Another good way to clean wooden kitchen cabinets is with white vinegar. White vinegar has a lot of cleaning uses around the kitchen so it’s always good to have some in the cupboard.

Wet your cloth with the vinegar and wipe onto the surface you want to clean. Leave it around 15 minutes and then wipe off with a damp cloth. You will need to rinse the surface well to remove any remaining vinegar.

If you have a butcher block type worktop you should wipe it down regularly with soap and water and then use some diluted white vinegar to finish it off. To keep a wooden worktop looking good you will need to oil it regularly. Gently rub down the surface and oil every few weeks.

Looking After a Hard Wood Floor

How should you clean your hardwood kitchen floor? Floors are designed to be durable but harsh shop bought cleaners and white vinegar can all damage the finish. Getting a wood floor too wet can cause the floor to swell and distort. You can create your own cleaning solution using water, Castile soap and some essential oil.

Make sure you give your floor a good sweep first. Then you can spritz the cleaning solution. You want the floor to be damp but no soaking wet. You should use a dry micro-fibre mop to clean the floor using strokes along the grain of the floor.

Let your floor dry naturally for at least half an hour if possible.

Wood worktops and floors are beautiful in a kitchen but they do need to be looked after in order to look their best. If you follow the tips above, the wood in your kitchen will last well and look good for longer.