Adding Colour and Patterns to Your Kitchen

By 31st October 2019Kitchens
Adding Colour and Pattern

Are you planning a new kitchen but want something different from the current trend for neutral colours and smooth, clean lines?  Do you prefer colour and patterns?  Why not put some of your own personality into your new kitchen?

How about including some accent patterned cupboards or a run of brightly coloured kitchen cabinets?  This would probably work best if combined with a more muted shade for the rest of the kitchen. 


As well as colour, you can use texture to add some interest into your new kitchen.  You can introduce some soft furnishings such as cushions, a rug and a lampshade to give your kitchen some personality.  Using a similar colour or pattern for soft furnishings can really tie everything together.


Even if you choose a neutral colour for your kitchen cabinets you can add colour with the flooring.  Bold patterned tiles can look fantastic and provide a focus for your kitchen.  There is also a huge range of vinyl flooring in every imaginable colour and pattern.  Vinyl flooring can be a cost effective way of brightening up your kitchen and it is durable and easy to clean.

Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories

The look of your kitchen can be changed simply by adding new small appliances such as a kettle and a toaster.  You can buy these in a wide range of colours to suit your taste.  Alternatively add coloured crockery and cutlery or some ornaments if you have the space.

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