Understanding the Kitchen Removal Process

Kitchen Removal Process

The Kitchen Removal Process

The kitchen “removal” process may vary from project to project, but in general, removing an entire kitchen involves taking out appliances and cabinetry in reverse order from how they were originally installed. Major kitchen renovations that require structural changes, like a wall or door removal, also entail some extra re-framing work.

The average kitchen removal process starts with appliance removal. Afterwards, plumbing fixtures, countertops and cabinets can be uninstalled. Removing appliances first clears up enough space to finish up the remainder of the project. Before completing this task, a kitchen crew will disconnect any water supply tubes used for icemaker attachments. If this step is done incorrectly, serious damage may result. This is why turning to a professional removal service is very important!

Plumbing fixtures, like the sink and dishwasher, all need to be disconnected as well. The removal process here varies depending on how your dishwasher is attached to your countertop. Dishwashers that are secured to cabinets or the countertop can be removed after they’ve been unscrewed, whereas sinks that are caulked to the countertop should be pried apart.

The next step after removing any plumbing fixtures is to detach countertops, which are usually connected to cabinet framings. Our kitchens crew can pull out entire countertops without wasting any materials. It’s best to work from the base up when removing cabinets. This way, lower attachments aren’t blocking any upper cabinets when it comes time to remove these from your existing kitchen.

This complex process may take days to complete, but the Used Kitchen Hub “White Glove service” can finish any project in a single day. We can also tailor our services to work with your unique structure and kitchen. If you’re thinking about removing your luxury kitchen to make way for major changes – structural ones included – consider recycling your kitchen through our unique service.

Used Kitchen Hub can remove your kitchen in a fast and efficient manner without harming the environment. By recycling your luxury kitchen, you can eliminate landfill waste and associated energy costs.

If you’re getting rid of your luxury kitchen, consider selling it by contacting us today for more information and to survey your current kitchen for a FREE valuation on 0203 002 0005 or email info@usedkitchenhub.com


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