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Bespoke Maple Inframe Shaker Kitchen with Granite & Appliances 21119706

RRP: £23,000
Our Price: £3,000

This is a beautiful Maple Kitchen that is coming out of a lovely house in Wimbledon. The kitchen isn’t young but it has been well looked after and looks great. The kitchen is available from October

Wimbledon SW20
Private Used
Buyer To Dismantle (Dismantle & Delivery Service Available)
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  • Bosch Dishwasher
  • Neff 5 Ring Gas Hob
  • Neff Double Oven
  • Bosch Fridge Freezer

Black Granite 

  • Side 1 inc Sink 1180 x 660
  • Side 2 inc Hob 3365 x 665

* Guarantees cannot be made regarding the condition of worktops after being dismantled, therefore they are not sold as part of the kitchen but are included free of charge.

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Dimensions (left to right)

All measurements are from Left to Right

Base Units

1 x 550 End Cupboard

1 x 600 Washing Machine Housing (Not Included)

1 x 850 Double Under Sink Cupboard

1 x 600 Dishwasher Housing

1 x 270 Deep Corner Cupboard

Wall Units 900 H

1 x 800 Double Cupboard

1 x 280 Deep Corner Cupboard

1 x 280 Deep Corner Cupboard

1 x 300 Cupboard inc Drawer

1 x 900 Deep Pan Drawer inc 2 Drawers

1 x 550 Quadruple Drawers

1 x 600 End Cupboard

Tall Units 2260 H

1 x 600 Double Oven Housing inc Drawer inc Internal Drawer & Top Cupboard

1 x 600 Fridge Housing

1 x 1100 Double Cupboard

Wall Units 900 H

1 x 300 Deep Corner Cupboard

1 x 500 Cupboard

1 x 510 Cupboard

1 x 310 Cupboard

1 x 180 Cupboard

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