Installing an Ex-Display or Used Kitchen

By 30th September 2019Kitchens
Install a Used Kitchen

Whether you are buying an ex-display kitchen or a previously installed kitchen, the key is good planning and a good kitchen installer.  Many of our clients have their own kitchen designer or builder to help them, but if not we can recommend some excellent kitchen installers who can work on your project and make your new kitchen installation as seamless as possible.

Before you buy an ex-display or used kitchen you should really decide what you want.  What style of kitchen are you looking for?  Do you need appliances to be included?  What layout do you want for your kitchen.  You might need to be a little bit flexible if you are buying an ex-display kitchen or used kitchen as you will need to work with the available cupboards and appliances.  A good kitchen fitter will be able to adapt what’s available to fit your space. 


The worktops that come with your ex-display or used kitchen might not be what you were looking for.  You can easily replace them with something more to your taste and there are a whole host of options out there.

If you are buying a solid wood kitchen you can rub down the cabinets and paint in a colour of your choice.  You can also give the cabinets a new look by changing the handles.

Many of the ex-display and used kitchens we supply come with a range of appliances.  It is important to use a registered gas fitter for any gas installations you might need. You may be able to get your hands on some really high quality fixtures and appliances at a bargain price. 

You will probably want to use a splash back or tiles in your kitchen.  These can really change the overall look and some time should be spent ensuring you get it right.  Your kitchen installer will be able to advise.

Many of our kitchens are bought by landlords wanting to upgrade and renovate their property.  We give them the chance to purchase a high quality kitchen at an affordable price.

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