How to Fake Natural Light in Your Kitchen

How to Fake Natural Light in Your Kitchen

What should you do when you have little natural light in your kitchen?

Try and use light coloured paint and furnishings where possible. Light colours reflect natural light around the room and really brighten it up. Choose creams, pale greys, whites and other similar shades to make the room look brighter. Glossy surfaces such as worktops and units can also really help reflect light in a kitchen. You can also paint your walls, ceilings and floors with a gloss finish to further increase the light reflected around the room.

If you put a mirror on the wall opposite any windows you will bounce the light around the room. You can also add mirrored furniture to further increase the amount of light reflected in your kitchen.

Adding artificial lighting is really important in a kitchen with little natural light. You can add full-spectrum light bulbs to mimic daylight. You might also want to add some house plants to make the room feel more airy.

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