So You Want a Green Christmas?

By 30th November 2019Christmas, Recycling
Christmas Tree

Instead of buying presents that will never be used, and aren’t really wanted, why not buy second-hand or look at buying from a sustainable company instead?  You could donate to a charity or buy a virtual gift while doing some good.  Save the Children sell some fantastic virtual gifts such as a School Bag Kit or Winter Clothes for a Child.

If you are buying clothing as gifts you should consider where it’s coming from, how it’s made and who’s making it.  There are lots of products made from organic cotton which is more sustainable and you could also consider some bamboo socks.

Rather than going into debt and adding to landfill somewhere down the line, you could maybe pledge to do something nice instead.  Giving your time is far more valuable and will be a memory that remains for a long time.

Christmas Trees

Around 8 million Christmas trees are bought every year in the UK.  If you already have a plastic artificial tree then you should keep using it until it wears out.  When you are replacing it there are many different options.  If you really want another artificial tree then look to buy secondhand from Facebook Marketplace or your local selling sites.

You can now rent a Christmas tree and they even deliver and collect it for you.  The trees then carry on growing until the next year.  This can be expensive but is a good way of keeping your Christmas green. You should make sure the provider has a Soil Association or FSC logo.  If you buy a Christmas tree with roots you can grow it outside and use it year after year.  You will need a big pot and will need to look after it well.

Many Christmas trees are now recycled.  Lots of Council have locations people can leave their trees after Christmas or you can take them to your local recycling centre.  The trees are shredded and used as mulch in parks or in woodland to create paths.  The might also be rotted down and recycled as compost.

Food Waste

We all buy far more food than we need, or could possibly eat, over the Christmas period.  The shops are only closed for Christmas Day now and still we see people in supermarkets with overloaded trolleys.  Try and cut down on waste this year where possible and don’t bin leftovers.  Try creating new meals and freezing what’s over.  If you really can’t find a way to eat the food then consider offering it to a neighbour.  Many towns and villages are setting up Food Swap groups now where people can offer food they can’t use to other local people for free rather than it going to waste.

The Great Outdoors

Instead of spending all the festive period sitting in front of the television, why not get outside and go for a lovely country walk with all the family.  You can burn off some of the calories whilst getting fresh air and spending time together.  If you prefer cycling there are lots of safe cycle tracks suitable for all ages.

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