Five Common Food Myths

Five Common Food Myths

Are these common food myths true or are they just made up?

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This is another well known saying but is there any truth in it? Apples are rich in vitamin C and can help reduce the risk of many major health conditions but can’t do away with them completely. You should eat apples as part of a balanced diet.

Carrots Make You See in the Dark.

During the war the RAF claimed it’s success was down to it’s pilots eating loads of carrots which are rich in “vision-improving’ beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is similar to vitamin A which does help us see in low light. Humans will never be able to see in pitch black though as the eye needs light to operate.

Oysters Are An Aphrodisiac

In the 18th century Casanova was reputed to eat 50 oysters for breakfast each day and it was presumed that this was the cause of his very healthy sexual appetite. Oysters are rich in zinc and amino acids which do boost libido. However you would have to eat quite a few, like Casanova, to have a big effect.

More Alcohol Cures a Hangover

If you drink more alcohol when you have a hangover you might feel a little bit better for a while as you are simply topping up your alcohol levels. However, you are just putting off the inevitable and you could end up feeling worse. Eventually you will have to stop drinking.

Eating Cheese Before Bed Gives You Nightmares

Many people say they have nightmares and it is often put down to them having eaten cheese during the evening. In 2005 there was a study by the British Cheese Board who found that many of those in the study did have more vivid dreams but they weren’t always nightmares.